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Visited the Kiss Exhibition at Jamtli Museum here in Östersund (Sweden) yesterday and I will present pictures here now. The collection belongs to a local fan (Alexander Johansson) and I think it is pretty great that people can see this stuff in this fashion right now. Nothing could have prepared me for the size of this, it was quite stunning. What you will see here is just part of what I saw…

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More pictures from Jamtli Museum in Östersund yesterday. Most of the 220 Volt and Tina Moe related stuff that I found on display comes right out of my collection (I worked with them for a bit back in the day). Slightly weird to see it in a museum like this decades later.

This was on the first floor, I found more stuff downstairs. In any case I guess it pays off to be a collector at the end of the day. Sooner or later, it becomes history.

I remember creating this 220 Volt ticket for a 1983 show at Gamla Teatern in Östersund. Nobody else had done this sort of thing on the local scene before, getting it just right. I forgot to put in the time of the show though… Ouch… This gig was actually dedicated to the memory of Deep Purple (that did not exist at that point). I met Jon Lord as a freelancing journalist as this went down in Stockholm as he visited with Whitesnake and told him about this gig. He kindly wrote a nice letter thanking the lads for their dedication. Still has the letter in my collection, it was not on display here though.

Tina Moe Tour Poster from 1983. I saw a show that year in Östersund earlier when she was an unknown and told CBS about her. They signed her within weeks (as they had 220 Volt). It was a beautiful time in my life. Good days.

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Visited Jamtli Museum in Östersund (Jämtland County) today to check out the first film in a series that will cover local music and classic establishments that were popular back in the day. The gang behind Musik & Republik has concentrated their efforts to cover Frösön (where I grew up as a young lad) and what went on there in this one, particularly in the 1960s. Some great stuff from the vaults with local acts like Lady Kate 6 and Bad Times.

The bands of the era were unknown to me (I was like four at the time) but I really enjoyed what I heard from Lady Kate 6 in the film. They actually cut a single on the Sonet label in 1965 which was news to me. Were they the first act from these parts to achieve this I wonder? I googled this single and noted that a copy was sold for 66 dollars in 2010.

Somebody ought to get this stuff out on CD before it is too late. I would love that.

(Kudos to Arne, Jesper, Kalle & Co)

As controversy grows regarding the absence of Yuimetal (so far) on the current Babymetal tour in the States, at least fans can see for themselves on YouTube that Babymetal still deliver one hell of a show. Just… Different…

Meanwhile, several major news sources in the US has been all over this in a big way and some (Loudwire and Billboard) even went as far as to contact Amuse for details. The answer from them is that they can not go into details at this moment. So, no comments… It is a big deal though, one news source in Japan mentioned that Amuse stocks has taken a dive. Babymetal is obviously an important part of this agency.

The new video for “Distortion” has 1,200,000 hits on YouTube at the moment and my take on this is that this track is so bloody good it has helped Babymetal in a big way through this storm. Yes, the band is in crisis mode (how could they not be?), but they are (as I said) still putting on one hell of a show. And this could still all be part of the biggest publicity stunt in music history. We just do not know at this point. The world is quickly learning that Babymetal is doing things their own way though and that should be old news by now. Still, this is risky business now.

Babymetal performs in Austin tonight.

Talk of the day

Posted: May 9, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Word has it that (the subject of) Yuimetal is trending on Twitter at #3 in Japan, as news reached Japanese fans this morning that she was not performing with Babymetal yesterday in Kansas City.

Babymetal announced two gigs in Tokyo on October 23/24 and two more in Osaka on October 30/31 immediately after the Kansas City show. In fact, it was announced during the show itself. No official picture of the current line-up yet. They wore new costumes. They are reinventing themselves right before our eyes.

Best case scenario? Yuimetal is still part of Babymetal, but will appear less frequently. The current mythology says that “No one will know who, when, where, or how The Chosen Seven will be presented”…

Are we witnessing the beginning of the weirdest concept in Metal history?

Maybe it is cultural differences at work here, but not announcing Yuimetal not being part of Babymetal at this point (if that is in fact the case) will not go down well. If the split is final it could have been handled better and the current Babymetal would not have had to face a crowd only moments ago (in Kansas City) that must have looked rather surprised. The ongoing mythology gives few answers and fans will surely wonder what is going on. If Yui really is gone then the magic of the first era – that produced so much joy – is gone. It will be hard to carry on. Still, we just heard a brilliant new song in “Distortion”…

I have been through painful changes many times (I started to listen to hard rock in 1971), and deep down I have to admit that bands that I truly loved in the 1970s (and beyond) went on in spite of many hardships, and some did just fine. I still recall Deep Purple doing wonderful things for some time after the split of the classic MK2 line-up. Musically that worked. It was difficult in some ways and they had to prove themselves, they had to explore new territory. They had my support.

Ronnie James Dio gave Black Sabbath new life. In more recent times there has been difficult changes in Nightwish, but they have prevailed.

I will follow what is going on here with great interest, but if the original trio is gone the time to say so is now.