Distorted reality

Posted: May 16, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

It took nine days for the new Babymetal video “Distortion” to reach 2,000,000 hits on YouTube, and I think the general consensus here is that it is a splendid track/video. So far so good. Then we have the current US Tour and the fact that Babymetal is out there without Yuimetal with absolutely no word given to what is going on (save for the ongoing mythology). One has to wonder what is going on. Performing in Babymetal is obviously hard work and maybe Yui is out of action momentarily until she is fully fit to take on the job again. If that is the case then maybe this situation will end in bliss as she returns unannounced somewhere on the road? Imagine the headlines?

In all this it is easy to forget that Babymetal actually perform two new songs that they are obviously testing at this point, “Tattoo” (a Su-metal song) and “Elevator Girl”. Add the actual intro of the shows (“In The Name Of”) that has only previously been performed in Hiroshima twice in December last year and the fact that “Distortion” is going down really well and you have an outfit that is looking forward. I think Yui is still part of Babymetal and that what we see now is history in the making. I guess it could mean that they are looking at 2019 as the big push and they had to move on in order to not lose momentum. And being Babymetal they do it their way, come hell or high water.

Watch reaction video for “Tattoo” live in Dallas here.

(Main image above was published on the official platforms the other day, it was taken in Dallas)


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