Controversy grows but Babymetal only answers to the Fox God

Posted: May 10, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

As controversy grows regarding the absence of Yuimetal (so far) on the current Babymetal tour in the States, at least fans can see for themselves on YouTube that Babymetal still deliver one hell of a show. Just… Different…

Meanwhile, several major news sources in the US has been all over this in a big way and some (Loudwire and Billboard) even went as far as to contact Amuse for details. The answer from them is that they can not go into details at this moment. So, no comments… It is a big deal though, one news source in Japan mentioned that Amuse stocks has taken a dive. Babymetal is obviously an important part of this agency.

The new video for “Distortion” has 1,200,000 hits on YouTube at the moment and my take on this is that this track is so bloody good it has helped Babymetal in a big way through this storm. Yes, the band is in crisis mode (how could they not be?), but they are (as I said) still putting on one hell of a show. And this could still all be part of the biggest publicity stunt in music history. We just do not know at this point. The world is quickly learning that Babymetal is doing things their own way though and that should be old news by now. Still, this is risky business now.

Babymetal performs in Austin tonight.

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