Bittersweet but give Babymetal a fair chance

Posted: May 9, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

Maybe it is cultural differences at work here, but not announcing Yuimetal not being part of Babymetal at this point (if that is in fact the case) will not go down well. If the split is final it could have been handled better and the current Babymetal would not have had to face a crowd only moments ago (in Kansas City) that must have looked rather surprised. The ongoing mythology gives few answers and fans will surely wonder what is going on. If Yui really is gone then the magic of the first era – that produced so much joy – is gone. It will be hard to carry on. Still, we just heard a brilliant new song in “Distortion”…

I have been through painful changes many times (I started to listen to hard rock in 1971), and deep down I have to admit that bands that I truly loved in the 1970s (and beyond) went on in spite of many hardships, and some did just fine. I still recall Deep Purple doing wonderful things for some time after the split of the classic MK2 line-up. Musically that worked. It was difficult in some ways and they had to prove themselves, they had to explore new territory. They had my support.

Ronnie James Dio gave Black Sabbath new life. In more recent times there has been difficult changes in Nightwish, but they have prevailed.

I will follow what is going on here with great interest, but if the original trio is gone the time to say so is now.

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