40 years ago

Posted: March 16, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General


Here is a nice anniversary for you. David Coverdale released his second solo album (after having quit Deep Purple in March 1976) “Northwinds” in March 1978. At that point his contract with Deep Purple expired (meaning he could do gigs again) and he was right out the door with his own band, that would soon enough morph into Whitesnake. It did not take long before Jon Lord was sucked in and the rest is history. I feel that his early solo work is largely forgotten but those records has some of his finest moments as a vocalist/songwriter on them.

(Seen here is full page UK press ad and album cover)

  1. Jerry Bloom says:

    Northwinds was the best thing he has ever done and it has the best cover too!

  2. Joerg Planer says:

    A nice full page ad from ZigZag magazine. The big 4 UK music mags only featured the smaller one…

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