Decades of Rock (2)

Posted: February 26, 2018 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General, Hobby, Magazines, Music (general)

Got some goodies in the mail today from Japan. Hedoban 2015 Special Edition (4), Music Life (Vol. 2, December 1975) and the 2013 Sakura Gakuin Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation book. Again, Deep Purple and Babymetal stuff, and all of it classic (and then some).

The Hedoban Special turned out to be awesome. Most of it is Babymetal, with photographic contents from Europe, Mexico and Japan (well over 100 images no less). Hedoban has supported Babymetal from the very early days, because back then nobody else did. I have written about this before in some detail on this blog. As for the Music Life magazine, it was pretty nice to be able to add this to the old collection after all these years. Very nice Deep Purple MK4 cover. This magazine was on release when Purple played there back in the day.

The Suzuka Nakamoto book celebrated the first few years of Sakura Gakuin and Su in particular (as she graduated at this time). Eight pages is devoted to Babymetal (as they were in the early days) and there is also a nice section with pictures taken in Hiroshima at different locations (fans are now seeking these places out, a lot of that went on when Babymetal played Hiroshima in December 2017). Not sure if I have a real autograph or not in this book, it looks real to me but could be in print. Does anybody out there know if this edition was signed by Su?

All in all, as a collector I could not have had a better day.

(My images – thank you Kalle San for your help)

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