Nine reasons to be happy

Posted: January 4, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

This arrived in the mail yesterday. The first album from Swedish artist Ammouri (full name Marina Ammouri) – “Dare To Be Happy” – backed by a bunch of high profile musicians (rockers) from well known bands from the last few decades (Alien, Poodles, King Diamond, Therion, Hammerfall etc). A classical schooled pianist as well as a professional sound engineer and singer, Marina has worked with many artists over the years, most recently doing some road work with the Vivaldi Metal Project. People will have a hard time sticking this into a convenient genre, but AOR with a touch of many interesting ingrediences sounds about right. The first song had me go “Fuck, this sounds great!” and that is so important. Her vocal approach reminds me of (Lisa) Dalbello, and this is also true for the sense of adventure that you have here. You will hear echoes of beauty here that ranges from Accept to Edith Piaf, but this is a huge musical Universe and Ammouri has the guts to explore many places. This is going to be one of the best albums of 2018, it will also be the sonic invitation card to an audience that still has to discover how great this is. I would say that the potential here is huge. What you get is nine tracks, superbly produced, very well executed by everybody involved and with a voice that demands to be heard. Oh, and there are no filler tracks. How rare is that in this day and age?

This is a thing of beauty, just order it (release date is January 12) and support this right now.

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