Metal Gods

Posted: July 24, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Let us begin this week with some Metal history. It is a fact that basically every Metal band on the planet wants to pose for a shot with Babymetal (honestly, the list of celebrities is endless), and here we have Judas Priest giving them the thumbs up when they both played at the Rock On The Range Festival on May 16 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. Babymetal played early on that day and Priest headlined. For Babymetal the gig was a triumph and they did get to see the Judas Priest show and stated later that they were very impressed. Of course this friendship has lasted and Rob Halford did perform with them on American television in 2016 (see earlier post). Bands and artists that has happily posed with Babymetal include Dave Mustaine of Megadeth (he was one of the first guys to support them in public), Slayer, Metallica (Lars Ulrich made a point to check them out early and Babymetal has opened for them later on), Guns N´Roses (also invited Babymetal to open for them), Marilyn Manson (on his personal request), Alice Cooper, Brian May of Queen, Anthrax, Limp Bizkit, Opeth, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Ariana Grande (Babymetal was shocked when they realised that she knew who they were), Lady Gaga (who invited them to do some shows on her American tour in 2014), Red Hot Chili Peppers (has invited Babymetal to do two tours with them, and has jammed with them twice), Korn (stern defenders of Babymetal, invited them to tour the US with them and has jammed with them), etc etc. I could go on all day. I love the fact that the Metal community has taken Babymetal to their hearts. Imagine what an incredible adventure all this has been for the girls. I would say that the naysayers are decidedly outnumbered.

Watch Babymetal on stage at Rock On The Range here. Short interview after the show here. Another after show clip here.

Judas Priest on stage that night here.

  1. SilentLennie says:

    Iron Maiden is at the top of the list of the girls. 🙂 See the article from Noisey about Babymetal in 2016.

    • I have seen them mention a few, still have to find out what position Maiden has on them.
      Your e-mail surprised me…

      • SilentLennie says:

        Notice how I put the link to the article as my ‘website’. 🙂

        I read and comment/post on r/Babymetal on Reddit daily, I most have missed your blog post at the time, because I only found it today. So I’m reading a lot of it, right now.

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