Five Fox Festival kicked off in Akasaka

Posted: July 20, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

The first three nights of the Babymetal Five Fox Festival Tour of Japan has just been performed at the Akasaka Blitz Hall. On July 18 it kicked off with a show for men only, yesterday it was for women only, and today it was for teenagers. The tour continues in Tokyo on the 25th for children & 60+ and with dresscode corpse paint only on the 26th. As you can see on the three pictures of Babymetal posing with some of the merchendise from these nights, it varies from night to night. This means that many items will be seen as rare right of the bat. I have seen pictures with Sold Out signs too, so there you go. They performed 10 songs each night but varied the set slightly. No glimpses on YouTube so the ban on that sort of thing holds up, for now. This will be a memorable tour and it is nice to see them do a few smaller sized shows before the mega ones that they end this trek with.

Maybe we will get a nice documentary out of this tour?


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