Another post goes viral

Posted: July 16, 2017 in About this blog, Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

I noticed that the Stats took off last night and that the traffic was for the July 8 article “Family Business” (Babymetal & Deep Purple Family related). So I surfed over to the Babymetal Database and discovered that the post in question has been translated into Japanese on the Hamankarn blog, and this has in turn been mentioned on the big Heavens Fox blog (se picture). I guess the real traffic will be today since Japan is waking up as I write this (and I can see where this is heading on the Stats). This is going to be interesting. I did send this particular story (or the link) to The Highway Star (the Deep Purple news site) but no response just yet. They may not be into Babymetal, or maybe it is just the holidays? Who knows. I knew it was a good story though.

Hamankarn blog translation here. Heavens Fox blog link here.


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