Posted: July 15, 2017 in Babymetal, Music (general), TV & Movies


As you know I have been diving into some early Babymetal related history lately, and I think that the Sakura Gakuin Idol Group that they all came from is pretty interesting. Here we have the Twinklestars, a project that came out of the so called Baton Club. They released a CD single called “Dear Mr. Socrates” on November 28 2010 that was followed by a DVD single on January 26 2011. Both were sold at Sakura Gakuin concerts and online. Fans of Babymetal will spot Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno in there, but as we all know their destiny was to take shape in ernest in the Heavy Music Club that they had joined around this time as well (Babymetal is still the only project in this Club, but then this musical monster is not easy to duplicate is it?). Sakura Gakuin was a good school. Twinklestars existed for about a year in this lineup and they did release a second single called “Please! Please! Please!” on July 6 2011 as well before knocking it on the head. A second version was formed in 2014 but they did not release any product. Although all this is highlighted as it went down on the official Sakura Gakuin CDs and DVDs (see earlier post), so we do have concert appearances etc to check out. All this highlights the J-Pop scene and explains exactly the culture that Babymetal came out of. No other band in the history of Metal ever shared a past like this. I, for one, love that.

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