Posted: July 15, 2017 in Babymetal, Music (general)


Let us continue on our journey to discover the roots of Babymetal and the years they spent in the Idol Group Sakura Gakuin. The Cooking Club sports a unit called Minipati and this has been going in different lineups since 2010 and are still part of the current Sakura Gakuin activities. The Babymetal related lineup was not the first but here we have Minipati featuring Moa Kikuchi (Moametal, as we now know her), Hana Tagushi and Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal). A couple of Tower Record Cafe´s used to include a Minipati menu, which is kind of cute (customers could buy Minipati mugs and I would suspect that they had Sakura Gakuin product available as well). This version of Minipati did perform on several concerts (Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 was one of them), and the Kawaii factor is actually quite high. Minipati is featured on Sakura Gakuin CDs and DVDs. Now, fans of Babymetal should know that this was going on for Yui and Moa side by side with other Sakura Gakuin projects, like Twinklestars and Babymetal. If this had catched on bigtime, would there have been a Babymetal? Who knows.

  1. SilentLennie says:

    Some funny little facts you might not know yet: Mini-Pati existed even before Sakura Gakuin.Koba was one of the people that worked on it at the time. Suzuka performed with Mini-Pati one time as a maid.

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