Doki Doki Morning

Posted: July 14, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

The video for the song “Doki Doki Morning” (added to YouTube on November 8 2012) is next in line to hit 20,000,000 views for Babymetal. The song was actually originally released as a DVD single as early as October 24 2011 but Babymetal did not have a YouTube Channel operating yet then. “Doki Doki Morning” is of tremendous historical importance for Babymetal as it was the very first song that this sub-unit of the Idol Group Sakura Gakuin actually worked on. It was the first meeting with Metal for the girls and the song was featured on the first Sakura Gakuin album, released on April 27 2011. The DVD single was sold at a Sakura Gakuin concert prior to the official release. So this is where it all started and everything was documented and little glimpses can be seen on the first Sakura Gakuin DVD as well (coming up next). “Doki Doki Morning” thus served as the very first single for the first Babymetal album, although this was not released until early 2014. By then they had managed to build a strong following and Babymetal was not just a school project anymore. “Doki Doki Morning” was also picked as a promotional single in the UK and this was released on December 13 2015. Any of these early releases are highly sought after collectibles now.

View the video here. Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 performance here. View additional videos (YouTube reactions) here, here, here and here.

(Seen above is an early Babymetal ad dealing with the DVD single)


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