Family business

Posted: July 8, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General

As a longstanding fan of the Deep Purple Family (I did publish many Deep Purple fanzines back in the day) and a fairly new fan of this wonderful thing that is called Babymetal, it was with a certain amount of joy that I discovered a solid connection between the two extended Empires today. And here it is: Babymetal guitarist (member of what they call The Kami Band) Takayoshi Ohmura has worked with ex-Rainbow singer Doogie White on a couple of albums, “Nowhere To Go” (2004) and “Emotions In Motion” (2007). They did a video for a track called “Distant Thunder” for the latter that has survived on YouTube. I am not surprised at all that Takayoshi Ohmura wanted to collaborate with Doogie. After all, anybody that has ever worked with Ritchie Blackmore has been vetted and belongs to a very exclusive club. Also, Doogie had also worked with Yngwie Malmsteen at this point, and that may well have been why he was given the call too. The point is this. We now have a nice little connection between the Deep Purple Family and the Babymetal Family. Of course it has been there for all to see for years, but I just connected the dots today and it is a fact that fans of both parties are following this blog. The musicians behind the girls in Babymetal are total professionals. That is why they are there, and that is an important part of why Babymetal is so fucking good.

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