Blocking the Sun

Posted: July 7, 2017 in General, Jämtland (County), My photographs

About an hour ago when I was out buying some groceries, I noticed the (by now half expected) Chemtrails in the sky, facing the general direction of the Sun (ca 17:20 here in Östersund, Sweden). If I had had a camera with me I would have got a beautiful shot. I decided to head out again a little later (as soon as I got home) to see if I could still catch something and what you see here is a shot were the Sun is blocked by the building to the left (no point in ruining a camera pointing it straight towards the Sun), and what you can see are some natural clouds and then there is the haze created by the Chemtrails, as these have spread out by the winds in exactly the right direction (these guys are doing this with military precision). I mean we have a perfectly blue sky here right now with small clouds here and there, and then we have this haze blocking the Sun in that area only.

I have seen the aircraft early in the morning blocking the Sunrise and I have seen them blocking the Sunset. I really started to notice this last year because I had a perfect view from work and I happened to be there at the right time. Then there is the ordinary people that are talking about this in many other countries. YouTube is full of shots, films and many are worried.

It is going on. When you can see it with your own eyes on a regular basis you do not need mainstream media to confirm anything. The only thing that is confirmed right now is that mainstream media sucks. And whatever the hell it is that they are doing, we are not supposed to know about it.

Watch the skies.


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