Paying respect to Babymetal

Posted: July 4, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, Magazines

Got this in the mail today. Japanese Quick Japan Magazine (issue) 125. Or maybe you could call it a book? Not sure how they view it, maybe it is not important? But here is the history of this: On April 1 2016 Babymetal released the second album “Metal Resistance”. On April 2 they headlined Wembley in London. Quick Time decided to cover this event and boy did they! So what you have here is the history of Babymetal, coverage of the show and exclusive shots of Babymetal in London, coverage of the UK media and the fans. Even the record company. In short, they really did a great job and I consider this a bonafide classic in the growing collection. 222 pages. Number of pages dedicated to Babymetal, ca 76. Well over 200 images in all.

It was a great show, I will review the DVD next.

(My image of spread in said publication, cover inserted)

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