128 posts in June

Posted: July 1, 2017 in About this blog, Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Magazines, TV & Movies

So another month has passed and the time has come to take a look at the Stats for June. 128 posts is not bad, but still a little less than what is normal for this blog these days. I did note that the number of magazine covers worthy of inclusion dropped. I was a little frustrated by this as a matter of fact, but there you go. June belonged to Babymetal, with 38 posts. The “Live At Tokyo Dome” review that was posted on June 6 went viral, got translated into Japanese and Spanish within days and sent the traffic to this blog to an all time high. Still good traffic to this post alone and I think it will be one of those posts that has a life of its own. 15 posts on the Deep Purple Family and 11 on the Wonder Woman frenzy tops other specific interests. Meaning that about half of the posts in June dealt with pretty much three basic threads. Not too happy about that because it could scare some visitors away. Still, Babymetal is a bit of a passion for me at the moment and following current news and adding a mix of history as well as documenting the now ongoing collecting has resulted in this blog almost being a Babymetal thing with other stuff thrown in. Oh well, it is what it is and the sole purpose of this blog for me is to have some fun.

July, here we come!


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