The surveillance car is here

Posted: June 28, 2017 in General

There is big money to be had in surveillance in the future and the police in Dubai will be the first to implement the unmanned O-R3 car (see details here) from Otsaw Robotics in order to patrol areas. Knowing our politicians, this is the sort of thing they are likely to go for. I can see how a car like this can startle a thief or two when they are up to no good, but I wonder how it would fare with a gang wearing black hoods that wants it gone from the streets they have claimed as their own? If you send these cars out everybody will have to be aware that actual cops can be on the scene within a minute or two. In my country, that may work in the major cities (key word here is “may”) but nowhere else. In the end this sort of thing can be good to keep an eye on property (industrial sites and so on) but fighting crime? We need Judge Dredd for that (he said, jokingly…).

Why will this be a hit among politicians? Because this sort of thing makes it look like they are doing something when they are really not. I fully expect this to be implemented in the EU soon.

(Original news source – Drudge Report)


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