The Russian narrative has failed

Posted: June 27, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General

The major “news” organisations that have tried to push the Russian narrative in order to hurt President Trump are now in full retreat. It was all lies. I think I know why they did it though, and for so long. They had a huge echo chamber going in European media, and so the false narrative worked over here (helping our swamp in the process). Repeat the lie enough times and people are going to think that there must be some truth to it. This pisses me off no end because it could have led to war with Russia. Nuclear fucking war over a false narrative because the guy that didn´t belong to the club (firmly built on a swamp) happened to beat the establishment candidate. I will not forget this in a hurry, and neither should any decent people out there.

Stefan Molyneux has his say on the matter here, and I agree with everything he says.


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