Well look at this

Posted: June 26, 2017 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General

I spotted this Deep Purple “Rises Over Japan” t-shirt over at CDON. I will buy anything that is related to this version of Purple so this one goes straight into the old collection. There is a story about this image that is kind of interesting. Back in 1985, when Deep Purple had reunited and were riding high, a five track video (from Japan 1975) with this design was due to be released in Europe (it had been out in Japan, with a different cover, for ages). We even saw a full page ad. However, the management of the current band stopped it and so it never saw the light of day. So this t-shirt is kind of a weird one since it is based on an ad for a product that was never released. Also, the live shot is from the UK tour in March 1976 and that was just sad in my humble opinion. I hate it when people do not respect history. Still, if they want to sell this now, fair enough.

It is kind of cool.


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