Got to love the Babymetal ad truck campaigns

Posted: June 26, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

The business strategies behind the success of Babymetal is there for all to see. If you have a good product, flaunt it! I really do have a soft spot for the ad truck campaigns that seems to be a part of what you do if you are serious about something in Japan, and it is nice to see that Babymetal has had a number of these almost from the very early days and onwards. In this day and age, when people will snap away at anything that moves with their phones, the strategy must be very good. For an act like Babymetal, it must be right on the money.

All this activity has certainly payed off. It took them to the Budokan (in 2014), even to the Tokyo Dome (2016). The sky is the limit. Not sure how rare this sort of thing is in this day and age outside of Japan, but I really love this.

View some YouTube clips from the AdTruck48 Channel here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


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