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I should have added this post in March but I missed it. After the split of Deep Purple in 1976, Jon Lord and Ian Paice went on to form PAL (also known as Paice Ashton Lord). They released the album “Malice In Wonderland” in March 1977 but it failed to take off and after a few concerts they broke the band up. Seen here is the line-up: Paul Martinez (bass), Tony Ashton (piano, vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Jon Lord (keyboards) and Bernie Marsden (guitar). David Coverdale soon nicked Bernie for Whitesnake and it did not take very long for Jon and Ian to follow suit. “Malice In Wonderland” is actually a brilliant album, but it is possible that Purple fans wanted a heavier album from the ex-Purple guys.

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Here is a bit of history. Babymetal´s second single on a major label, “Megitsune”, was released in Japan on June 19 2013. It peaked at # 7 in the charts. The official video has now over 40,000,000 hits on YouTube, and is their second most popular video so far after “Gimme Chocolate!” (soon to reach 71,000,000 hits). The single was released in four versions, with the Limited Editions featuring DVDs with live contents. The musicians were now dressed in white, the image of the project started to look just about right. And mega success was in the cards…


Good day today. The Limited Edition (September 2016) pressing of the first Babymetal CD popped up in the mail from Japan. Very nice cover. Bonus DVD with “Gimme Chocolate!” recorded and filmed at the Reading Festival on August 30 2015, with additional clips from all the shows they performed that year inserted. Looks great.

The collector in me is very happy right now!

(My image of said release – thank you Kalle for your support!)