Babymetal Catharsis New York 2016

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General


Here is a bit of history. Being part of a rock concert can be an amazing experience. I have countless of great memories registered in my brain forever as pure, cathartic kind of emotional highs (some lows too, that happens to you sooner or later), and I know how powerful a rock concert can be. YouTube is a fantastic platform for people to record and share their experiences. We did not have this when I was a kid but it is here now. I really enjoy this new phenomenon of fans that put up their own reports, and a gal called Erica Robles shot and edited a wonderful report on her experience at the Babymetal concert in New York City on June 4 2016 that we can all enjoy through her eyes now (it is about 17 minutes long). This is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Watch it here.


But the fans were not the only ones that was having a good time at the PlayStation Theater in New York on this night. Just read Thomas Levinson´s review of the show in the New York Daily News, published on May 5 (the day after the show). He felt it too. The importance of what Babymetal represents at this very moment in time. I think he is one of the better journalists that I have come across recently, his piece is well written and he is right on top of what this is all about. Read his story here.

I really have to see a Babymetal show some day. Sweden is waiting for you and it will be a success. Count on it.


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