“Music is good for the soul. Culture, including books, magazines, films, comic books etc, is essential for my well-being. I feel lucky to have been alive and taking part of our zeitgeist during such an amazing period (from the late ´60s until now). I do feel that the freedoms we take for granted in the west are endangered now. I think our way of life has peaked and that our culture should be more proud of its history”.

(Yours truly, page 221 in “Metal Collector: Gathered Tales From Headbangers”.

Ooops. I must have woken up in one of those dystopian moods. Still, I think I can live with that quote being part of Martin Popoff´s new book. One of two that I have in this one (the other being related to Deep Purple). It arrived safely here at Trinkelbonker HQ this morning (complete with nice comment & autograph by the author – many thanks!).

Decided to take a snapshot to illustrate this post. So what is the Babymetal “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD/DVD doing there? Well, it deserves to be in every picture in every post (that goes without saying!), but I actually sent a copy of this release to Martin in the hope that he would enjoy it. And if anybody should be able to write a great book about Babymetal some day, it would be him.

Just sayin…


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