How safe is Dodge right now?

Posted: May 11, 2017 in General, Magazines, Prepping


With everything that is going on out there, playing the Devils advocate and asking the tough questions should be natural. When I was a kid (here in Sweden), only police, military and hunters had weapons. Now you have to add criminals to the list. But our authorities still pretend that it is 1970. Up north, where I live, we have very few officers on duty. In any kind of serious situation they will be in short supply. The hunters may be able to rally and to take care of themselves, but the general population are just sitting ducks. I did my military duty, I was expected to fight and possibly die if war came to the land. But the same land will not trust me with a gun for self protection? In fact, most Swedes are against gun ownership. This comes from the fact that we used to live in a safe corner of the world. But that is gone now, and the truth will not sink in. In some kind of worst case scenario, if everything goes belly up, the people that possess some firepower will be in charge wherever you may be. Not exactly a comforting thought in many cases, I know. As things stand, for many it would be catastrophic. There is an answer though and it may be the last option: Get the hell out of the cities ASAP. At the very least, have a Plan B in place.

Magazine cover showcased here is US publication Concealment (issue) 5 2017, published by Recoil.


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