That Epic moment when it all changed

Posted: May 5, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies


This is a Japanese magazine ad for the then upcoming Babymetal shows at the Budokan in Tokyo in early March 2014. At that time, Babymetal had done a few shows to ever larger audiences on their own, but once the first album was out in February 2014, they went all out and reached for the stars. Now your average management might have gone for one night at the Budokan at this point, but these guys booked two nights and really went for it. And it worked. They sold them out. This was the Epic moment that they had all worked so hard for, and now they could look to expand outside of Japan. To her credit, Lady Gaga saw Babymetal and picked them up for her 2014 Summer Tour of the US. She knew how unique this was. But those nights at the Budokan, that was bold as fuck… It was rock history.

Watch official trailer for the DVD set here.


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