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Got another batch of the “Live At Budokan: Red Night” CD/DVD by Babymetal in the mail today, soon to be handed out to friends and family. This live release is the perfect introduction to this wonderful band.

This Limited Edition release of 10,000 will soon be gone now (just a few left it would seem). If you don´t have one, move fast!



Good day today. The Deep Purple “inFinite” box arrived and I really appreciate these special editions that we get these days. Loads of goodies inside, pretty much everything you would want and then some.


I have listened to the CD a number of times and the production is good. It has a relaxed vibe to it, excellent nap music (that is not a bad thing). If Purple bows out with this album they do it with a good one.

Lovely box.


This is good news. Deep Purple fan Adrian Jarvis has tried to find the original singer of Deep Purple (1968-1969), who vanished from the face of the earth in 1980 and has not been seen or heard from again in public. He even ignored his nomination to attend last years Rock´n´Roll Hall of Fame Awards. So what we get here is a book titled “Chasing Shadows – The Search For Rod Evans (Deep Purple´s Original Singer)” that is to be released on Wymer on May 19. I have to say that this book interests me more than many other titles right now.

But then I am a sucker for a good mystery.

Don Rickles is gone

Posted: April 7, 2017 in General, TV & Movies

Sad to hear that comedian Don Rickles has passed away. Most people probably remember him from the 1970 blockbuster “Kelly´s Heroes”, but if you ever saw him do his thing…


Well the CD/DVD version of Deep Purple´s “inFinite” popped up in the mail today, and it is hard to kick off a new day in a better way. Listened to it once and then I checked out the 90 minute documentary about the making of the album, “From Here To inFinite”, which was absolutely superb. Rick Wakeman coaching it all along nicely with his narrative.

And then the phone rang and I was told about the terrorist attack in Stockholm…

Origins of Babymetal

Posted: April 7, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Here is a bit of history. The girls in Babymetal was all part of an Idol group (basically a school class) called Sakura Gakuin formed in 2010 by the Amuse Talent Agency (in Japan). It was during these years that they recorded their first songs as Babymetal and the first track that was released was “Doki Doki Morning” that was a bonus on a Sakura Gakuin album called “Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo: Message”. Later in 2011, a second Babymetal song called “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” premiered at a Sakura Gakuin concert. In 2012 they released their first single, a collaboration with Kiba of Akiba, and this got a lot of attention. After this they released their first single on their own as Babymetal, “Headbanger” and in August 2012 they performed at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. The average age in Babymetal at this time was only 12 (not counting the band of course) but what had begun as a weird school project now turned into a career. The girls were still part of Sakura Gakuin when Babymetal took off. Today Sakura Gakuin is a highly respected Class with an annual school book that sells well and everybody that attends has good careers. It is a talent pool that everybody goes to.

In a way, the birth of Babymetal is almost like a fairy tale. Talented young girls having a good time at school finding themselves in the eye of the storm. The fact that they had done several major festivals and sold out the super prestigious Budokan Arena in Tokyo (twice, available on DVD) around the time of the release of the first album in 2014 is utterly amazing. The management has carefully crafted a strong image and brought in the best talent available in the country to create the concept. Only the best musicians are accepted, the aim has been set incredibly high from day one. Some might say that the girls might have been exploited, but I don´t think so. If this had not happened, they could have been doing other things, but not with this success. As it stands, they are now seen as trailblazers to young girls all over the world. They are setting new standards and they have had incredible success. And the average age today is about 18. Amazing.

Thirty years ago today Whitesnake released the self titled album that everybody refers to as “1987”. Recorded over a long period of time by David Coverdale (band leader and vocalist), John Sykes (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Aynsley Dunbar (drums) and Don Airey (keyboards), this was a line up that would never tour. Instead, once the album blew out the door, a line up of good looking talent (Vivian Campbell, Tommy Aldridge, Rudy Sarzo and Adrian Vandenberg) was drafted and with videos that had Davids then wife Tawny Kitaen strutting her stuff all over them the band went on to sell 8,000,000 copies in the US alone. It was the era of MTV and Whitesnake did rule for some time. It must be said that 30 years on, it still sounds (and looks) terrific.