The courage of Rob Halford

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General, TV & Movies


For Babymetal, it was a watershed moment in their career when Rob Halford agreed to perform with them at the Alternative Press Awards in the US on July 18 2016. They could never ever have been validated in a more spectacular way. Halford was asked to perform one song, but wanted to do two, so they ended up doing “Painkiller” and “Breaking The Law” together. The media went bonkers and it was all over the place. The haters came out in force against Halford, stating that he had somehow betrayed Metal. He defiantly defended his position and of course real men do whatever the hell they want (just look at this blog!). Su-metal has mentioned in an interview later that Halford gave her a nice gift when they first met. This was actually a very nice meeting of generations, a meeting that both parties had everything to gain from doing. It was also a lot of fun to behold. Rob Halford did the right thing here, as always.

Watch the entire Babymetal performance (including Rob Halford collaboration) at the Alternative Press Awards here. Watch Rob Halford and Babymetal conduct an interview together here (Rob is doing most of the talking, for obvious reasons).

Top image is from Babymetal on Twitter.


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