Collectors corner

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, Magazines, TV & Movies


As a collector, I love alternative versions of albums (or covers) as long as we are not talking about studio albums. But if a live release has a different cover in, say, Japan… I am fine with that. Case in point, this Japanese pressing of Babymetal´s “Live At Wembley” is far better than the one we got over here. So yes, I would buy this one if I could in a split second. I wish it would be easier to import these variations, but it can be pretty hard. I spotted a facebook entry on Babymetal from Tower Records over in Japan, and that picture is just awesome from the point of view of a collector. Check it out.


If I had this display in front of me, I would be a very happy man. And I would buy everything in sight that I do not already possess. I can see some early singles on this picture, the Japanese “Live At Wembley” CD, a couple of early DVD releases, and on top of all this they even have some books and magazines that features Babymetal on offer.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a wet dream for a collector.


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