Sherlock Holmes, Ylva Alm & Tex Willer

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, General


Books added recently to the old collection – Sherlock Holmes, Ylva Alm and Tex Willer. The Sherlock Holmes title is yet another comic book adaptation from Swedish publisher Apart (2016), “Baskervilles hund”. Quite brilliant actually. The Ylva Alm title is book 19 in a series. “Överfallet” (Boknöje, 2015) by author Ida S. Skjelbakken is a Swedish translation of one of these endless Norwegian titles. I bought it for the cover and to get a general feel of what it is and how it is presented here. I can see now that the publisher has quit so that looks bad. The Tex Willer title comes from Denmark (Zoom, 2016). Art by Joe Kubert. 118 pages. Pretty nice.

Good day.


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