Join the resistance

Posted: April 3, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General


A friend of mine, journalist, author, artist Jens Ganman is doing his best to move the parameters of what good journalism ought to be to the right positions. Battling political correctness in Sweden is tough but with trailblazers like Jens doing their thing we may still have a chance of a better future (or at the very least, a more honest future). As a media consumer, I certainly want good reporting, not watered down propaganda. This is for you Swedes out there, a good interview with Jens by Patrik Engellau on Swedish journalism at the YouTube Channel Det Goda Samhället (“The Good Society”). Watch it here. Also, for the rest of you that still recall what happened recently when Donald Trump mentioned Sweden, read Jens reaction on his blog about Swedish Multiculturalism here (in English).

Keep up the good work Jens.

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