The Ultimate Budokan Party

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies


Available in a soon to be gone limited edition of 10,000 numbered copies, Babymetal´s “Live At The Budokan” CD/DVD release really is the ultimate introduction to this band. Captured at the Budokan in Tokyo in 2014, it represents everything that draws you in to Babymetal. But most importantly, this is just one big fat party from beginning to end. Of the two nights that has seen release as a double DVD package as well, this one is the best. Therefore, I am now buying a bunch of these and starting now I am dishing out copies to friends and family. I just know that this will go down well.


I meet people all the time that asks me about Babymetal now (happened today) because of the blogging, and all I can say is just take a chance on the Budokan 2014 stuff and experience the insane beauty of it all. This CD/DVD package is the perfect start and if this audio and visual explosion will not perk you up then nothing will. If you like it you have much to discover and more is obviously on the way as we speak. If you don´t, give it to somebody else. But give it a shot. If I had still been publishing magazines today, I would have been all over this.

(My images of said release)

  1. […] the mail today, soon to be handed out to friends and family. This live release is – as I have stated before on this blog – the perfect introduction to this wonderful […]

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