Babymetal Day (3)

Posted: March 26, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies


A few afterthoughts from last nights Babymetal Day. Regarding the fact that this is a Japanese act that sings in their language, I think that should probably remain so to a large extent. I can live with that. They did sing part of “The One” from the second album in English but it might have been in Japanese only for Japan (still have to compare the two editions). What they could do for the English market is to add a few lines here and there in English and have that on releases outside of Japan. Not too much mind you, but perhaps to help chosen singles for videos to have a bigger chance to catch on. On the other hand, the “Gimme Chocolate!!!” video is by far the most popular to date (with close to 70,000,000 hits on YouTube), and that is all in Japanese. I do recall ABBA putting out an entire album in Spanish back in the day that was a huge success in Latin America. Perhaps a Babymetal album in English, just for the hell of it, would be an option? Kind of a “Best Of” thing down the road? In any case, I love this band just the way they are.

View example of masterclass musicianship from “Live At Budokan” in “Rondo Of Nightmare” here. Su-metal pops up halfway into this song.


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