Classic Rock 234 arrives

Posted: March 20, 2017 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General


Good day today. My e-mail server decided to work again after a three day rest (nothing I could do, it was a national problem) and I could take care of business again. Then Classic Rock (issue) 234 arrived in the mail and I spent an hour reading this. Deep Purple cover story, with all current members interviewed. A 43 minute eight track CD with Purple stuff (studio and live) is a really nice bonus, in my youth that would have been a complete albums worth of music. Also good stuff with Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, Jimi Hendrix etc. I have had a rare nine day holiday that is coming to an end soon but it has been a very nice rest with plenty of good things happening.

Very nice.

  1. purple4dirk says:

    Yes, that was a good day. I received my ordered on ebay magazine unharmed. An even more beautiful day will be the 7th of April, when the new album appears inFinite … still 2 weeks wait.

    The film (documentation of the origin of the new album) will be featured on the DVD I have on 16.3. Seen in the cinema. Image quality and sound quality were a force. You could watch the musicians at work.

    And tomorrow the next magazine will be bought. As eclipsed also appears with a Deep Puple title story.

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