From Rainbow to Babymetal

Posted: March 18, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General


It all goes back to the originators of Metal in one way or another. Case in point, Ritchie Blackmore´s opening riff on the 1976 Rainbow “Rising” (album) on the song “Tarot Woman” did influence Thrash Metal (Metallica etc) and so when you hear it again and again you know where it comes from. Babymetal open their shows with a powerful riff based on this idea called “Babymetal Death” and although “Tarot Woman” is slightly faster, slow down Blackmore´s riff and you can insert it in this song no problem. This is not criticism from me, far from it. As an oldtimer it is simply fascinating to follow the ongoing evolution of Metal. Babymetal has created a very powerful song here and of course they have a full on crucifiction in the show (or used to have, see liveclip) when they perform it. This song opens the new “Live At Wembley” album as well.

Listen to “Tarot Woman” here (riff comes in after the intro). View “Babymetal Death” performed live in 2013 here.


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