The downside of downloading

Posted: March 9, 2017 in General, Music (general), TV & Movies


I ordered ABBA´s 1974 classic “Waterloo” (2014 Deluxe Edition on CD) recently (well, January…) from a store with a good reputation that I have supported since the 1970s. I have noticed that stuff that has been out for a while can take forever to arrive when ordered and that started to creep in not too long ago. My guess is that the stores does not have all the titles in stock, so they in turn have to order from somewhere else before they can send it out to you. I suppose this is all down to all this downloading nonsense – record companies are much slower in keeping the back catalogue intact and available. But ABBA? Really? I am actually on hold for two ABBA products, and other titles. Thankfully, this does not happen with brand new product, but things have clearly changed.

For the collector, downloading really was a Waterloo moment.


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