Perfect Strangers

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General, Magazines


Please allow me to slag off UK publication The History of Rock again. The 1984 issue is out (can´t show you the cover because the image would ruin the perfection of this blog) and save for two features (Van Halen and ZZ Top) there is precious little rock in it. Plenty of poseurs though. The Deep Purple Family is not included, as is the rule. 1984 was the year when Deep Purple reunited in the classic “Machine Head” version, the most talked about event in rock that year surely? Not important enough for this lot though. Purple released “Perfect Strangers” which sold by the millions and set them up nicely for the tour that would follow. Also, Whitesnake had “Slide It In” (last album to feature Jon Lord) in 1984, and Roger Glover released his solo album “Mask”.

I will stop buying this publication after the 1987 issue, I just want to see them blowing off the Whitesnake success of that era first, as they surely intend to do…


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