Crystal Viper live

Posted: January 29, 2017 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General


Originally released in early 2010, Crystal Viper´s “Defenders of the Magic Circle: Live In Germany” was the first release on the AFM label. What you get here is six tracks picked from the first two studio albums – “The Curse of the Crystal Viper” and “Metal Nation”- recorded at the Magic Circle Festival in Lorelei, Germany in 2009 plus four bonus tracks. Of these, the song “Stronghold: Under Siege” stands out a mile. The sound quality of the live part is a bit on the rough side but OK for an early release. However, expectations are going to be higher later on. The third studio album “Legends” followed on this realease in late 2010, so this one gave the band a chance to gear up for a fresh start at the time. Also, and this is interesting, on the inner sleeve they wrote: “This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Ronnie James Dio”. Got to love that.

Nicer cover art by Mariusz Gandzel.


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