Space Detectives – Official Preparedness Strategy

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General, Planet X (Nibiru), Prepping


If you look for answers, there are times when they will be hidden in the little details. President Obama signed the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy in December. It wasn´t that long ago since we heard of the creation of the Armageddon Office and we have seen interesting activity in legislation ever since. Meanwhile, Caltech has confirmed that an unknown object in Space should explain why our system i tilting (yes, tilting!). In fact, it would seem that something is sucking energy out of our Sun and bursts of energy is coming in that is overwhelming Earth defenses (knocking out our magnetic protective shield over and over) and all of this is adding a lot of stress to our environment that is now resulting in massive earthquake activity, as well as volcanos awakening all over the planet. Add reports about sinkholes, animal death occurences etc and you should begin to wonder. And now we have loads of Space Rocks coming in, many barely missing Earth as they pass us by (one of them, big as a skyscraper, passed us by with no warning just a few days ago). Has something out there disturbed the Kuiper Belt?

In any case, things are adding up and R. Wayne Steiger added a good report on the new Preparedness Strategy and what it all means on his YouTube page yesterday. Check it out here.


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