The Last Panther

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Books


I have read hundreds of WWII books but never ever a book as fierce as “The Last Panther” (Bayern Classic Publications, 2016) by author and former Panzer crewman Wolfgang Faust. As a member of the battle-hardened 21st Panzer Division in April 1945, the remains of his unit is ordered to punch through the Soviet lines and head West towards the river Elbe. The idea is to surrender to the Americans and to avoid capture by the Reds. The carnage described in this book is unbelievable, yet this is exactly what happened according to the author of this book. I have read historical accounts of the battle before, but nothing like this. Tens of thousands of entrapped civilians and soldiers died as the Reds did everything they could to stop the breakout. Faust wrote this shortly after the war. He has also authored “Tiger Tracks”.

If you have an interest in history and WWII, this is for you.


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