Independent Media

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General


There is a war on Truth going on and we are in danger of losing our liberties forever right now. Alternative media (and WikiLeaks) helped Trump win the US election and old school media in the US was exposed as corrupt many times over. The establishment has reacted with threats of shutting down the outlets that they deem as Fake News (that would be tricky without crushing freedom, but this is what we see now). Alternative media – and I will call it Independent Media from now on – has pretty much crushed the old school outlets in the US and is effectively taking over. Meanwhile, we have an angry and irresponsible establishment that would rather start WWIII with Russia than admit defeat. This is not working and once Trump is in, they will be defeated. But you can see how crazy they are. The left/right narrative is dead, we need to support the people that want to defend our freedoms. What is going on right now is truly epic, I fully expect 2017 to be quite a ride. What happened in the US last year will play out all over the West now and I bet that we will see crazy things from the establishment in Europe before the general elections in Germany and France. When you see that play out… Well…

Nothing is more important than this right now. Nothing.

(Picture shows Margaret Howell and Lee Ann Mcadoo, two journalists at InfoWars, one of the major Independent Media outlets).


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