Target: Patton

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Books, General


Nothing like a good book to begin a new year. I just read “Target: Patton” (Regnery History, 2008) by author Robert K. Wilcox. Stalin wanted him dead, but there is evidence that OSS (Office of Strategic Services, forerunner to the CIA) boss William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan wanted him dead too. Seriously wounded in a truck accident, Patton died in a hospital weeks later when he was well enough to travel home to the US within a couple of days with his wife. Yeah, the bastards killed him. I have no doubt about that after reading this book. It is interesting that John F. Kennedy wanted to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces before he died (and we all know what happened to him). If this agency was corrupt enough to murder a top general like Patton right after WWII in Germany, how bad could it have gotten in the decades that followed?

Did we reach a point in which they assisted in appointing future Presidents, helping the Deep State to set up a mock democracy that worked for them and not the people?


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