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Russian Infantry from Italeri

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Hobby


The French fought just about everybody during the Napoleonic Wars and I guess most people that has an interest in history knows about the invasion of Russia that turned out to be such a mistake for France. This box of Russian Infantry in 1/72 from Italeri sports 50 figures that can be used in your diorama.

Nice box art as usual.


Shit happens (2)

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Comics


Knasen (issue 4 2015) popped up in the mail today, and I kind of like this cover. Have you ever had an accident because you were distracted by (thoughts or) the presence of a chick that rates high on the old chick-o-meter? I guess this cover jolted a memory…

I don´t want to go into specifics here. Been there, done that…

Black Scorpion

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, TV & Movies


As you´ll know from my last post on this blog I discovered earlier today that the chick in the 1988 Scorpions video “Rhythm of Love” was none other than actress Joan Severance. Her old Black Scorpion films from 1995 and 1997 are not currently availble in Sweden (darn it!) but I´ll keep an eye open for them. I seem to recall that they were quite alright. Or maybe it was Joan in her outfit, I can´t really recall the details after all these years.

How fitting though that the coolest chick ever from the Scorpions videos went on to do a couple of Black Scorpion films.

Savage Amusement

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff


The Scorpions remasters turns out to be first rate all the way and my latest purchase, “Savage Amusement” (originally released in 1988) is no exception. I´ve got all these albums on vinyl but that collection is taking a rest until I´ve bought a place on the countryside (I´ll buy a new record player then and dig deep into the past). The track I recalled most in my head from this album (which made me choose this one this time around) was “Rhythm of Love”. Still good, like many other songs on this album. And the video? That woman, actress Joan Severance (from “Black Scorpion” fame, I´ve got to buy those films on DVD) was stunning in that video.

Plenty of nice bonus stuff, six complete (and good sounding) extra tracks plus a full DVD with a live documentary of their trip to Leningrad, the official videos, and interviews about the album, makes it a fabulous deal.

The 1980s was a great period.


Posted: February 22, 2016 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies


“Spectre” was actually the first James Bond film that I didn´t see at the movies, since I was old enough to see them (abouit 40 years no less). But I did buy the DVD on release and I have to say that Bond has never been more entertaining. I heard the buzz, that it was the best Bond ever, and I wondered if it was true. I guess it´s fair to say that it was.

Bond vs. world order villains, that in itself is right on the money. There are scenes in this film that ought to make a few people stop and think. A coincidence? Hardly.

Good job.

Anger management

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Classic Rock


Got this in the mail today, the fifth album from Swedish rockers Raubtier, titled “Bärsärkagång” (translates to “Berserk”, that will give you a general idea of what we´re looking at here). This will probably be a Top 20 entry in the (Swedish) charts, but it has the potential to be a runaway success like Sabaton´s “Carolus Rex” if you ask me. This band hates political correctness, the entire point here is about anger management. Hard rock was always big in industrial cities and there was a reason for this. People needed to get rid of frustrations. Enter Sweden 2016 and a country that is on the brink of blowing up, a band that feels this and shares this – in spite of the hellpit that is represented by political correctness in nearly every major media outlet – and you have to give them credit for the balls it takes to stand up and be heard.

The left, the right and the establishment at large has done their work. Like it or not, this is a soundtrack of 2016.


Norway is preparing for a worst case scenario. They are preparing for a possible system collapse of Sweden. This may sound outrageous, but it´s true. Norway plans to shut the border down if things go south in Sweden. They will be ready to abandon the Geneva Convention in order to protect themselves. Prime Minister Erna Solberg tells it like it is to a newspaper in Denmark. The news broke yesterday on one of these alternative news sites that the establishment hates so much, but it was linked to the original interview with the Norwegian Prime Minister so it is real. The fact that this broke in alternative media is a sign of the times. Old school media is finished in the eyes of many.

If we see a repeat of 2015 this summer, this country could well collapse. It could collapse anyway if certain things were to occour on the financial side of things. Every red light is flashing in the system even as we speak. Sweden is looking out over a cliff.

We live in interesting times.