Purple history – Oklahoma City 1976

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Deep Purple hit Oklahoma City at the Myriad Centre on February 17 1976 and photographer Rich Galbraith catched the show and managed to get some brilliant pictures that are now regarded as MK4 classics – seen here is a shot from my publication TOP SECRET 2009 (back of the magazine) with a very cool looking David Coverdale, plus the cover of author Martin Popoff´s book “Gettin´Tighter – Deep Purple 68-76” that has Tommy Bolin waving to the crowd on the front. He also had pictures on the “Live At Long Beach Arena” CD that I will get back to on February 27 on this blog.

I published a major interview with Rich Galbraith in TOP SECRET 2009, back to back with an interview with Martin Popoff (you can find it on this blog). Here´s a couple of quotes about what Rich recalls from the night in Oklahoma City…

– “This was still back when they allowed cameras to most shows, so we got to the venue early and stood in line. It was general admission on the floor, so once the doors opened and they got your ticket torn you had to run like hell to get to the front. I remember being shoved around in a wave of people and think it was the hardest show to get pictures of. I was several feet back so had to shoot through people as well. So I’m lucky I had anything turn out from that show. The sad part is I went to process the black and white that I did myself, had the times memorized… I looked at the film and it was very faint… out of all times the company had changed the processing times. I tried to redo but it was too late, so I lost around 72 possible pictures from that show”.

– “It has been a long time since that show and I seem to remember it as being a good show, I was a big Deep Purple fan anyways and just glad to finally get to see them perform. (I was unable to get a ride to a Deep Purple concert a few years before when Elf opened). But I think it went over really well. I think some always find it hard to accept the fact that their favorite line up of a band are no longer together, kind of like getting divorced, it´s just part of life perhaps. So the new guys always have a hard time proving themselves, it’s not their fault that the former members called it a day. I guess it is harder when the front guys are the ones being replaced though and also a bit hard to go out and do songs like “Smoke On The Water” and “Highway Star” to name a few”.

(Top image shows back of TOP SECRET 2009 & the Martin Popoff Deep Purple book – images by Rich Galbraith)

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