Purple history – New Zealand 1975

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family

Deep Purple´s visit to New Zealand on November 13 1975 was a huge success. The band jetted in on their private jet and there was a huge media blitz as they received Gold albums etc before the show at the Western Springs Stadium. Fans have seen archive material from the day on DVDs like “History, Hits & Highlights” and “Phoenix Rising”, unearthed from local TV a few years ago by Deep Purple Overseas.

What was not mentioned was the fact that David Coverdale was arrested after the show for incitement. What happened was that local authorities told the singer before the show that he could absolutely not use the “F-word”, or he would be arrested. So what happened was that he used every word in the book that had the same meaning in between songs, and he also managed the 15,000 strong crowd to yell the very word he could not use himself back to him. There exist an audio recording of the night and if you listen to it you will laugh your head off, much like the audience did who actually witnessed this firsthand back in the day.

So David got arrested and the band got quite a lot of press out of it as a bonus. The police could not really keep him though and the band headed off to Australia for seven shows there beginning on November 19.

Stay tuned…

(Top image of handcuffed singer removed due to EU regulations)

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