Purple history coming up

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family

40 years ago now, Deep Purple were about to launch what would become the final tour of the 70s. There is so much history of interest in those months when it all unravelled out of control and I have decided to highlight some of the most interesting highs and lows on this blog. The tour started in Hawaii on November 8, but we will get to that.

This version of Deep Purple spent some time in Europe and particularly the UK in October 1975 – Jon Lord, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes guested on Roger Glover´s “The Butterfly Ball” concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 16, a show that Ian Gillan guested as well. In fact, it was Gillan´s first gig after having left Deep Purple in 1973, and the roar of the crowd got him back into the world of music again. This event also featured actor Vincent Price, whom Deep Purple wrote a tribute to on their last album “Now What?!”. But the interesting thing about this night in London was that a good chunk of the old Purple got to mix with the new.

The plan then was to do the Far East and then turn to America after Christmas, followed by gigs in Europe in the Spring and Summer, and then a second trek of the States followed by a break for other activities (solo albums etc). They did not quite make it, and it is an interesting tale.

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