Rainbow – official bootlegs

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Good news for Rainbow fans, as “Denver 1979” has been released on a double album (vinyl that is) and also as part of a box that also includes selections of shows from Long Island and Chicago from that trek. Three CD´s. Now this is clearly bootleg stuff that has been dusted off but at least it can be assumed that it has been sanctioned for official release by Ritchie Blackmore. So what you get is packages made by fans for fans – but the keyword here is fans. The overall sound quality is not top notch, but typical for the bootlegs of the time. So if you are aware of that, and can accept that, then this might be a pretty decent couple of releases for you.

Still… The trainspotter in me dislikes the fact that the cover shot of Blackmore on the Denver release is from the Deep Purple days (as early as 1972 in fact) and the CD box as well as the Long Island CD inside has shots from the “Difficult To Cure” era (1981) on the covers. Only Chicago is represented by a shot from the “Down To Earth” period.

So, good fun up to a point. Not bad, not great. Some extras inside the CD box makes it slightly more acceptable, like a faksimil of the official Tour Programme of the day.

(Thank you Kalle for letting me borrow these).

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