Robert E. McGinnis

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Books, Cool stuff, General


“The Art of Robert E. McGinnis” (Titan Books, 2014) by Robert E. McGinnis and Art Scott is a big format 180 page hardback that is so good it almost knocks you off your feet. But how could it not be, with the great art of The King himself splattered all over it in better quality that you´ve ever seen. And it´s all here, the classic Movie posters, the great Pulp covers, the Wild West stuff, the nature period.

It´s all stunning but my biggest love is the Pulp stuff, had I not packed all that stuff in boxes for a future move I could´ve raided the archives and taken a shot of this book on top of dozens of Carter Brown books and similar titles. I can´t do that today, but it would have been nice.

Robert belongs in the Top 5, no doubt about it.

(My image of said book)


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