Holy man

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family

Martin Popoff´s book on Whitesnake is out: “Sail Away – Whitesnake´s Fantastic Voyage” (Soundcheck Books, 2015). The story kicks off as it should with the Deep Purple years and then comes the story of David´s journey from the Purple split and onwards as told by many musicians and key people, including the man himself. Popoff is unique in that sense in this field, he has done so many interviews in his career that it becomes a very personal affair once he goes to town on a subject. Not so sure if Coverdale will appreciate all of it, but the fan gets a very informative reading experience. I can recommend “Sail Away…” to any fan of David Coverdale and his career.

And speaking of which, I was reached by the news yesterday that the next Whitesnake release will be an album called “The Purple Album”, on which he presents cover versions of tracks picked from the Deep Purple albums that he was on 40 years ago. A video for “Stormbringer” has gone online with more to come. I can´t believe that he managed to keep this sensational news a secret for so long. Still, this move makes sense, he has every right to pay tribute to the band that launched his career.

Good days.


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