Martina Edoff – best female voice in rock

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, Music (general)


Martina Edoff has finally released her first album, and with this CD comes all the proof you´ll ever need that Martina Edoff is the best female singer in popular music today, certainly in the field of Classic Rock / Melodic Rock / AOR. I saw her on TV about 10 years ago and she was spectacular, supported her through a couple of my publications after that and really hoped that things would work out for her. Nightwish had an interest in her at one point, or so the story goes. In any case, this record is incredibly good probably because of the long birth, plenty of time to write songs.

The big ballad, the majestic “Seeds Of Love (Mother Nature Song)” is astoundingly good. Nobody else in this industry comes close to this sort of perfection these days.

(CD cover courtesy of Martina Edoff)

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